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The program for the Queer Transfestival!

With great pleasure we give you the scandalous program for the Queer Transfestival. Below are those events in the program that is in English (or no language). There will be arts, music, performances, workshops, music, activism, politics, movies and party! This special English edition also comes with grammar and spelling errors.

The Brigade wishes to announce the following:
Trans for everyone – transgender, ts, tv, ig, is, butches, femmes and fruitcakes, everyone can be trans together with the Brigade.
The festival starts at 3 pm. The Museum of World Culture is open earlier.
In the evening (after 10 pm) there is an entrance fee of 50 SEK, play all night. 18 years.
Please note: In the printed program for the LGBT Festival it says at one place that the Queer Transfestival is on May 15th – but it is on May 14th, Friday.

Photos (slideshow) by Del LaGrace Volcano – in Room 1 http://www.dellagracevolcano.com/
Photos by Hanna Rydström
Photos by Mattias Pettersson http://www.mattiaspettersson.se/
Video installation and  sculptures by Vic
Video art  by Mio
Drawings by Mia Fernau
The Anal Monologues – drawings

15-21 MOVIES – There are movies in english. See the movie program at the end.
Where: the Movie Room

15-21 Open stage
Do something on the open stage, read your poems, perform magic or acrobatics…

15-20 ”Chill out with Elda”
Chill out and meet old and new friends and make stuff in paper, textiles, glue, paint… Hosted by Elda, a LGBTQ project for girls and trans persons 16-30 yrs old.
Where: Pysselrummet

15-openend Trans Radio DIY – workshop
Three radio activists from Berlin teaches how to make radio.
Where: Workshop Room 4

First impressions the day before the festival starts: Interview with Lasse
Also there will be an live radiostream during the festival under the adress: queertransfestival-gothenborg.ogg

2nd update:
1. talk with an ”old lady”
2. singing ”grandmas”
3. talk with a visitor of the film revolutionaries

What can the transgender movement learn from the intersexed?
Del LaGrace Volcano, one of the world’s best known intersexed artist, activist and educator will explore the intersextions and boundaries between transgender and intersex activism in a dynamic, visual presentation that includes spoken word, video and stunning imagery from herm’s gender queer planet.
With: Del LaGrace Volcano

19-21 Queer Media Activism – workshop

What is ‘Queer Media’ and what is ‘Media Activism’? In many queer political scenes there are sometimes limited ways in which people feel they can express political activism when in fact there are many different mediums that can be used and ways of approaching politics and being an activist. A part of why queer media is important to look at is because there are so many ways in which we do not see ourselves as queer people reflected in the media around us, and the fact of making our own media, creating new and empowered images/reflections of ourselves and having control over how we are shown in media are forms of activism and self empowerment. This Queer Media Activism workshop is about creating a conversation looking at political communities and media arts, showing the connections and wide range of possibilities in which people can be expressive and engage in meaningful queer media as a form of activism.
With: Elliat, maker of the Travel Queeries movie
Where: Pysselrummet

21- 22.30 VARIETÉ
Where: The black box

Hotlove – performance

Blod, Svett och Tårar – Blood, Sweat and Tears, performance

In Swedish: ”Furry Tongues” presents: CATS WITHOUT PAPERS

The Furry Tongues are a travelling BDSM group. This brand new show also incorporates a questions concerning the issue of migration and refugees without papers.

In Swedish: Stonewall Singers in the musical STÖN (från Duvemåla)
”Young, naive musical artists gives you the lefts answer to classical opera”



Gender-Deviant, Multi-Media, Spoken-word/Homo-Hop

MOVIES PART 1 15.00-17.30

In Swedish: Kvinnokamp utan kön

Nobody passes perfectly
A subtle, humoristic and thought evoking film about the courage to change oneself radically.
Längd: 43 min

In Swedish: Revolutionärerna – ”The Revolutionaries”, might be subtitled?

Förbjuden frukt – ”Forbidden fruit” (No dialogue)

Music video.

In Swedish: Sedelärande Instruktionsmusikal i Revolutionärt Uppförande (also screening at 8.15 pm)


17:30-19 Travel Queeries – movie + talk
Travel Queeries is a documentary film that examines the culture, art and activism of
radical queers in contemporary Europe. Through personal interviews and documentation of performances, festivals, multi-media visual arts and spaces, Travel Queeries puts an exciting international lens on queer fringe culture. With the aim of building bridges and awareness, Travel Queeries considers the word “queer” and explores the complexities, innovative values and spirit of queer within a progressive social change movement.
Where: The Movie Room

MOVIES PART 2 19.00-21.00

Music video.

The Lovers and Fighters Convention
A documentary about a new chapter in gender and sexual politics. The story of one night at Transfabulous were artists and performers got together to re-imagine what gender could mean in the wake of the Gender Recognition Act. Each of the performers tells their own story. With a cast of many, and musical compositions by a variety of Queer composers this film is a true labour of love. With animated sequences by Jason Barker.
Längd: 66 min

In Swedish: Sedelärande Instruktionsmusikal i Revolutionärt Uppförande



The queer transfestival will be in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 14th. It will be a day (and night) filled with art, music, performances, workshops, activism, politics and party! We would love to show your art (sketches, videos, or anything else), porn, or play your music if it has some kind of connection to queer and trans.  Pleas e-mail us your ideas, or digital copies of your work if it’s something that we can print/play/screen.

We are also looking for reports of what’s going on that is queer and trans from all over the world, anything that you know of where you live! There will be a world map with queer and trans things at the festival for people to find other groups and events.

E-mail us at queertransfestival at gmail com

And welcome to Gothenburg in May! (The queer transfestival is one day, but will be in connection with the LGBT-festival in Gothenburg May 12-17).

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